Unlocking outsourcing wins for UK software houses

Unlock Software Outsourcing

Hey, UK software teams! Unlock those outsourcing secrets!

UK companies often turn to outsourcing to save time and lower costs in their software support and development projects. When it comes to the bottom line, the numbers can be difficult to argue with. Still, outsourcing is not a guaranteed win – let me show you how to get the best results.

First, we need to understand what can get in the way of your success.

How an outsourced development project can backfire

Whether it’s for website design and development, custom software development, creating mobile apps, or database server support, outsourcing is mainly a budgetary consideration. Let’s face it, when the team you’ve hired from Vietnam or India is cheaper than your domestic developers by maybe more than 50%, it’s hard to ignore that. But it’s not always smooth sailing either.

5 areas of concern running remote projects

1. Lack of communications

Are you frustrated by bottlenecks in communications in your project? This can lead on to losing control.

2 Lack of PM input from your side

If you don’t have a technically competent manager on your side who will work WITH the teams in your remote location, this can be a disaster. Just leaving the responsibility entirely with the remote team without any in-house direction will likely give poor (to terrible!) results.

3. A poorly defined project

Depending on your project methodology you might need to give a requirement and spec document. This needs to be thorough. Or in the case of Agile, you will need to pay close attention to project scope, user stories and iterations.

4. A poorly chosen outsourced team

If the company you have selected for the work is not reliable, you risk having no other course of action but scrapping your project and starting again with someone new.

5. Horrendous IP problems or security issues.

In certain regions, there is little protection for your proprietary information in law. Individual companies should demonstrate how they will prevent this from becoming a problem. If they can’t, avoid them!

Hire a software outsourcing specialist

If all those problems sound familiar, or you can’t see how to get around them, it makes sense to get the expert in to give your projects the highest chance of success. With my years of experience working in the outsourcing sector for software development, I am ideally placed to solve your outsourcing problems. I am IN the UK and can make personal visits, and am available for a no obligation call in UK working hours.

And what’s more, my results are guaranteed.

As a UK-based consultancy, the time zone difference between you and your team is not a problem you have to deal with. You get UK working hours access to the information you need. I also use specific collaboration tools that mean if you need to check progress outside office hours, you can.

In order to get the best out of an intermediary manager for your software outsourcing teams, you need someone who has the technical capabilities to review their work product. I have many areas of expertise, including skill sets in PHP development, including frameworks like Laravel, Lumen, and CodeIgniter. I also have a high level of experience in MySQL, with advanced query and optimization. In addition, my expertise in JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and more make me a resource that can not only manage developers working in these areas, but understand what is happening and smooth any issues before they become critical, saving you time and money!

If you’re still wondering about outsourcing, get in touch to find out more about my free seven-day trial offer!

Have you experienced any of the above? Have anything to add? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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