#3: The Secret To Finding Your Dream Team

This is article #3 in our Outsourcing Success series.

In this short article, I want to run through some of the top questions to ask when selecting a software outsourcing team. Obviously, if you select the right team at the start, then the ongoing management of your outsourced software project becomes infinitely simpler!

People often ask about how to go about this the right way. Sometimes called “due diligence”, the art of finding a team who are high quality, low cost and work to schedule can be a daunting task.

“Where do I start? What criteria should I use? What if I fail to ask the right questions?”

 Get the inside track to offshore team selection right here. Just read on!

Key questions to ask prospective software outsourcing companies

I’m assuming you’ve defined your project well, have a clear vision for how you want to proceed, and have the budget and management resources to make it happen. You know what country your developers will come from, and have a list of companies you’re ready to approach. If not, stop reading right now, because that’s where you will need to start! But if that’s all taken care of, here are the key areas you should cover in your due diligence requests.

Technical expertise

No matter how warm and fuzzy their business development manager has made you feel, if they don’t have the skills, the project is a dead duck. If your requirements are well defined, this step should be easy, but if you don’t have the technical know-how, it’s worth asking someone to check this for you, or disaster may strike!

You need to know how many specialists can work in the development language and platforms you need. You also need to know how long each has been working with said technologies.

Experience as an outsourcing provider

How long has the company been established? Have they worked with many offshore clients before? How many? What successes or failures have they had? How many open projects do they have?

Communication skills

Can each team member speak English? Staff that are involved in decision making should have a strong understanding of “business English”. They may not have every single colloquialism “down pat”, but they will be able to express their understanding of your requirements, and relay concerns and progress without confusion.

Company practices

Does this company have any scope for scaling their resource levels up or down? In an Agile environment, changes to projects can be quick. The ability to switch staff in and out is important. What is their general company culture like? What are employee incentives and benefits? What’s their staff turnover rate like? Do they have multiple locations?

Protecting the project

What is their security like to the building and systems? Do they have their own servers? A cloud server? Backups? Firewalls? Is there encryption? Do their employees sign Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)? Is your Intellectual Property (IP) safe? What geopolitical concerns might there be, such as changes to laws?

Ask the experts to find your experts

All these questions can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have the contacts or prior experience in doing this.

Relax! The best thing to do when you don’t know what to do, is to find someone who does. That’s where I come in. My years of experience working with outsourced software projects and managing offshore development teams means I know exactly what to ask, and who to ask. Together we can find your dream team.

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