The Miracle Morning

For years (and years!) I told everyone – including myself – that I was NOT a morning person! I would go to great, even extravagant, lengths to convince anyone and everyone that I was the ultimate “night owl”, able to stay up till the wee hours without a second thought, sometimes for weeks at a time. I made up some of the missed sleep by laying in of a morning, usually until around 8.00 am, only getting up just in time to throw on some clothes and walk my daughter to school.

I justified my four or five hours a night rest with the mantra “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead”, and with hindsight eternal sleep was probably a lot closer than I’d care to admit. I wasn’t only staying up late during the week for work, but also on the weekends for pleasure. I was, literally, burning the candle at both ends, and, without getting too deep into the state my life was in back then, suffice it to say it was inevitable that I was going to get burned. I spent a few years going from one messy situation to another, until in September 2016 I finally discovered “The Miracle Morning”, a book by Hal Elrod.

I say “finally”, because I had seen this book many times when looking for my next life-changing read. But I’d always avoided committing to order it, so convinced was I that I simply was not a “morning person”! I eventually ordered the book on 12th February 2016, and promptly removed it from its packaging when it arrived the next day, only to leave it to sit on my bookshelf until September 2016! I had just finished reading (and implemented) the life-changing strategies of The 12 Week Year, and one of my goals was to implement a morning routine – the very thing The Miracle Morning is about! After 1 week of struggling to make reading a priority during my already busy days, I took action and started setting my alarm to wake me at 6.00 am. I would get up, make coffee, then practice what I had learned so far – namely, meditated in silence for 5 minutes, read my affirmations (at this point, this was actually my goals list I had prepared from implementing The 12 Week Year), then read The Miracle Morning (TMM) for at least 30 minutes.

After just 1 week, I had read the whole book, and even gone back and re-read a couple of chapters where I was ‘unsure’. The biggest thing I noticed in that first week was that I was feeling so much better about myself, and that getting up ‘early’ was really not that difficult if you had something to get up for! By the end of the book, I had discovered the 30-day challenge, but as I was already 5 days into my own TMM routine I skipped that, and focused instead on finding solutions to the final two challenges I needed to address.

Firstly, the exercise component of TMM was a real challenge to me! Hal talks about going for a run in the morning… Meh! Not for me, I’m afraid! I knew I had to do something, and considered what my options may be. I decided I would search the internet over the weekend for a 20-minute workout video that would suit me, and then headed into town to do some grocery shopping. In another amazing example of manifestation at its best, I was in my local ASDA and happened upon a DVD called “Fit in 15” by Davina McCall for £5.00! I snapped it up, and immediately integrated the the “Cardio 15” workout into my TMM, followed by 5 minutes of stretching. One down, one to go!

The second challenge was far easier to solve, but presented a significant mental hurdle; I found that in waking at 6.00 am, by the time I took care of natures needs, made coffee and got settled, it was already 6.15 am, meaning the time I had available for my TMM was down to 45 minutes (the rest of the household wake at 7.00 am, and if I was to do this successfully it needed to be finished before the troops descended on the living room area!) The only solution was to change my habit to wake 15 minutes earlier, at 5.45 am. For some reason, going from 6.00 am to 5.45 am met with significant internal resistance. I can only think there was something for me that by changing the ‘6’ to a ‘5’ was similar, albeit the opposite, of the mental process that occurs in sales when you change a price from £10.00 to £9.99; it feels a LOT different than it really is!

At some point that same day, I was reminded by a friend of a quote by Abu Bakr: “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” It was this same principal that had actually led me to finally implement the TMM, and I decided to take the necessary action. That 15 minute change in my wake up time took about a week for me to adjust to, so strong was the mental stranglehold that my belief system had on me, but I persevered.

Today, I have TMM fully implemented into my life. It has been one of the most wonderful and differentiating changes I have made to my life. Admittedly, I have changed up the order of the 6 ‘habits’ of TMM, and adjusted some of their timings to suit my own preferences and make it easier to maintain, and I have seen miraculous things happen as a direct result. As an example, when I finish my TMM at 7.00 am, the rest of the family wake and descend on the kitchen and lounge. I grab a quick shower and dress, and am back downstairs in-time to enjoy breakfast (and quality time) with my five-year old son – time when before TMM I was still dead to the world. I then help him dress, brush his teeth, and get ready for school, during which we usually enjoy some interesting conversations; a five-year old can come up with the most intriguing of questions! And I can still walk my daughter to school at 8.00 am and enjoy quality time with her, too.

TMM has improved my relationships with my kids, as well as had far reaching impacts on my health, business, and general levels of happiness. I’ve had more energy, and been far more effective during the day. I honestly believe there is no-one who would not benefit from having a morning ritual / routine, and urge you to grab a copy of The Miracle Morning and transform your life with the 6 ‘habits’! I’d love to hear from you if you already have a morning ritual, or if you go ahead and implement one as a result of this post, so don’t be shy and leave a comment below!