Below are some of the comments and feedback I have received from clients, past and present, who have benefited from my unusual skill set and passion for results.

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Tony is the kind of individual who has the unique ability to take a problem, turn it on it’s side, and come up with a solution that might never have been considered. Tony and I collaborated on numerous projects, including several solutions that required reverse engineering (lost knowledge) existing applications to ensure a sleek, and seamless implementation.

Ivan Fokin
CEO, Fokinware, LLC

I worked with Tony on an outsourcing relationship that spawned for more than 2 years and had a team of around 10 at its peak. Tony was playing the role of a product owner as well as a project owner based out of the USA. He had a great in-depth knowledge of the product which was very useful as feature related decisions were very easy to take. Tony was very pragmatic in his approach. He inculcated the one team approach, where he always made the Indian team feel that they were the part of a large product team. He had great project management skills and his communication were spot on. Overall the outsourcing relationship could deliver on its optimal capacity due to his support and input. I would definitely look for opportunities to work with Tony again.

Khushru Doctor
Founder, Taasha Technologies

I outsourced multiple projects to Tony and his team a while back and I could not be more pleased with their work. Super nice guy, excellent work ethic, and extremely knowledgeable!

Cotton Rohrscheib
Co-Owner, Pleth.com

Tony is an extraordinary thinker who applies his creativeness and vast knowledge to every project he works on. […] I learned so much from him as to how to manage an effective team, and produce results.

Stephen Schaffer
Recruitment Advertising Specialist, Beyond.com

Along with Tony’s expansive knowledge about the technical development side of business, his contributions to the leadership and management of staff are extremely valuable. […] He is a forward-thinker and his execution and delivery are impeccable.

Eric Mallon
Songwriter, Producer, Owner, Nation Productions

I like Tony. I like his attitude. I like his abilities. He’s a great person with a tireless work ethic who wants to do the right thing. […] He will immeasurably contribute in both quantitative and qualitative ways.

Paul Moss
CEO, Moss Corporation, LLC

When it comes to dedication and hard work, I think Tony Peck. Tony is incredible to work with because he always delivers quality work with his own positive impacting ideas as well.

John Graham
Founder & CEO, Little Giant Marketing

When you find the right person, you stick with him or her. Tony is the right person. […] Tony understands business and business processes. He has the keen ability to take a concept and make it come alive online.

Cliff Berman
CEO, Telexicon

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