Indian Outsourcing Teams – winning projects in a saturated market

Indian outsourcing market
India has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best locations in the world to find outsourced software developers. But thanks to this, there can be a difficulty finding the right projects – it can be hard to separate the “signal” from the “noise”. So how do you do that in today’s economy without losing quality?

India, an outsourced software development powerhouse

India’s longevity in the scene means that people have a better grasp on the reliability and reputation of the outsourced teams on offer than other emerging markets. Newer regions such as Vietnam, for example, have less of a track record to demonstrate to new customers, so find it relatively harder to win the engagement.

However, it is not all one-sided. India’s prices are increasing in line with the levels of expectation. More experienced teams can take on bigger and more expensive projects that tie up resources. There are also more projects zipping around, making it hard to identify a worthy candidate for your company’s time.

And not only this, but many projects could be snapped up by the heavy competition in the Indian outsourcing market. So how can development teams from this part of the world firstly stand out from the crowd, and secondly ensure they are getting the right projects?

I’m glad you asked because I have practical and actionable advice for you to use today!

1. How Indian software outsourcing teams can get the best market positioning

Emphasise quality, not price
People who are looking for cheapness will possibly look elsewhere for projects, so make sure this is not the only attribute you present to customers. Quality, reliability, communication, and teamwork are just as important!

Ensure your past projects get due prominence
Create a strong portfolio on your website or an emailed document that outlines the size of the projects you’ve previously undertaken, the technologies used, and the benefits the customers reaped.

Show off your advanced features
A company with lots of experience will probably have systems in place that newer organisations might lack. Bring your backup, security, procedures, buffer staff, and other strengths to the fore.

Take advantage of your time zone
Great for 24/7 coverage contracts, such as support, in UK and US.

Highlight your team members, as well as leadership
Each member’s skills can add up to make your offering formidable. Where applicable, highlight your colleagues’ English fluency, years’ experience, and number of projects worked.

Team stability
Indian teams can have a high staff turnover due to competitors luring workers away with incentives. The loss of a familiar face can be very off-putting for customers, even if that person is replaced immediately. Demonstrating that this is unlikely to happen with your team will comfort your prospective clients.

2. How Indian software teams can get connected to the right client

Getting the right outsourcing client for your company is important. If you don’t have the resources for a project it could cost a lot in time and penalties, not to mention reputation. On the other hand, you don’t want projects that are too small, or you end up with not enough return. This and many other factors have to be considered in order to get a great match.

Fortunately, the answer to this step is simple, once you know the secret! 🙂

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