Connecting China with the UK and USA for Outsourcing

Chinese software outsourcing connections

Creating successful outsourcing relationships with the UK and US

If you are a software house in the PRC, looking for a way to find outsourcing projects and clients from the UK and USA, I have some information that will help you achieve this goal!

China is the new power in software outsourcing. Long known for low-cost, low-risk manufacturing prowess, now software is the new production that Chinese workers are bringing value to. With such a large pool of highly educated and experienced programmers, there are plenty of reasons why a UK or US company might want to hire developers from China to build their apps. But how do Chinese vendors find clients? And how do western companies meet the outsourcers if they don’t speak the language?

China has a lot of great advantages to offer the outsourcing market. Thanks to the education programs in the People’s Republic, there are thousands upon thousands of highly skilled and motivated software engineers ready to work. Competition for jobs is high, which is great for the UK and US markets, whose employment markets are comparatively stagnant. Whether it is a mobile app or a desktop program, an enterprise-level solution or a website’s functionality, testing and quality procedures or technical support, Chinese developers can offer a great range of skills. But there are still challenges that exist when it comes to connecting with western clients.

Making a great service even greater

If you’re looking for information on how to improve your chances as a Chinese outsourcing vendor, there are plenty of ways to overcome any of these challenges. For example, ensure your development team can all speak English, and that your Project Managers are highly fluent. Not many westerners speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but English is almost universal across Europe and the Americas. Daily communication is much easier when there is no language barrier, and this kind of communication flow is essential to enable the most effective project.

Reassuring your clients that there will not be political difficulties in working with your team will go a long way towards helping you win their contract. In the west, many people are unfamiliar with the boundaries of the state in other countries and this can make them feel confused or worried. Written guarantees from your company and other contractual safeguards will help, as well as talking them through what usually happens. Many clients only suffer fear from not knowing what to expect and explaining this will help them to feel safer.

Ensuring that your project managers are highly experienced and can communicate effectively with both the team and the client is, naturally, a fundamental need. The time zone difference with USA and UK can be difficult, so it may be necessary to have a third party who can act as a link between your teams.

Become a trusted resource

Your number one best chance to find a client and win the contract is to become a trusted vendor, and you can easily do this. At there will be a list of vetted software outsourcing suppliers that clients will feel confident and secure to select from. Add your company to the list to apply, and give your company the best chance at making the connection!

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