Back From a Successful Trip to Vietnam!

As you may know, I recently spent 2 weeks in Vietnam, meeting with the major players in the web development and software outsourcing industry.

Vietnam is often overlooked when considering a home for your outsourced software development, but I can tell you that this is a big mistake! Their skill sets are mind-boggling, and their commitment to quality is amazing. From my time there, I was able to forge close relationships with a number of companies, and while their size and skill sets differ so too do their ideal client.

For example, I met with one company that is international in it’s reach with over 10,000 employees globally, their focus being on larger outsourced projects where teams of 10 – 50 developers are not uncommon. Other companies have perhaps 40 staff on-hand, and are far more flexible in how they structure their fee schedules.

I believe that the best part about the trip was that is now absolutely connected to the Vietnamese market and is able to match your company with the right team to provide the right solution. Whether you need a part-time generalist resource or an entire team with very specific skills, is perfectly positioned to rapidly match you with the right team to address your requirements.

Better yet, as your main point of contact, will manage the entire project for you, eliminating the frustrations you might otherwise have to deal with due to time zone differences and language barriers!

If you’re a web design company that is turning away work because you lack the skills or resources, book a strategy session and let us help you grow your business.

Or if you’re a company looking for software outsourcing to develop a web or mobile app, or wish to expand or augment an existing team, we should talk too.


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