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Tony Peck is a web development and software outsourcing specialist from London, England. He has lived in the US and Spain, but has now returned to England, from where he advises and represents clients around the globe.

Tony helps companies save significant costs by outsourcing their technical services, such as website design and development, custom software development, creating mobile apps, and even database server support. He has personally managed a number of international outsourced teams on behalf of clients and has been able to consistently over-deliver.

More recently, Tony has traveled to both India and Vietnam to meet with and vet the leading outsourcing vendors. These personal visits have allowed him to secure solid relationships, and the best pricing for his clients, and as a result Tony is able to quickly match clients to their ideal web development or software outsourcing team, and then manage the entire customer project from start to finish, eliminating the most common frustrations of time zone differences and language barriers.

Tony’s clients in the US, UK and Europe have saved considerable costs, which gives them a significant advantage in their respective markets, as budgets can be adjusted to allow for more effective marketing campaigns.

Tony is also the author of Get It Coded, a  selling cryptocurrency book that quickly guides busy business owners through the process of successfully outsourcing web development and custom software projects.

If you are looking to outsource your next web development or software project, or are unhappy with your current outsourcing vendor, then book a free strategy session today; Tony would love to discuss your vision with you, and help you bring it to fruition.

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